#6: In Which We Take a Look Back

Looking back at what I’ve written in the first half of this blog’s scope, I can see a few trends emerging. For one thing, there is the eternal archive vs. museum debate, which I mention in pretty much every single post. Regardless of the assigned topic, I am forever tying it back to my history roots – which makes sense, seen as that is what this degree program is all about for me.

One development in the archive/museum debate that hasn’t been demonstrated here yet is the discovery of the ideal answer – the best of both worlds – the museum archive. My visit to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History to interview the archive’s director, LaNesha DeBardelaben, resulted in the realization that the best decision to make might be no decision at all – I should just do both!

This latest discovery ties into my newest ‘career development’ decision, which is to volunteer at the Wright and get a little hands on experience in museums and archives both (which is something I have mentioned wanting to do in earlier entries). I had my first day of volunteering last Thursday, which was an absolute delight – for my first day they simply asked me to tour the museum to get a better feel for what they did, which was less like work and more like a special treat. Their core exhibit, “And Still We Rise” is probably one of the most cleverly constructed exhibits I have seen (and I have been to a lot of museums).

The other trend I see developing in my posts here is probably a little less positive but also a little bit inevitable – as time has gone on I have become a little less flowery/gabby, and a lot more sporadic in my updates. The main reason for this is that I’m a grad student – I’m busy! It has been crunch time for a while now thanks to all my many many projects, and this blog has fallen a little by the wayside. Unfortunately, as I said, I do see this as a little bit inevitable – especially seen as blogging is not a thing that comes naturally to me.

So what do these two little reflections suggest for the future? On the downside, I’m guessing sporadic-ness will continue to be an issue though I am determined to make sure that I will still get everything done… eventually. On the upside, I can see some positive developments beginning to occur beyond the blog – things I previously wrote about are now turning into actions. I’m getting out there to get some hands-on experience and do a little networking, and I’ve stumbled on an interesting answer to the archives or museums question. Mostly, things are looking up for the rest of the semester and for the rest of my studies as a whole.

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